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The team



In 1992, he completed his high school studies in the sciences at Turin’s Valsalice Salesian Institute. In December 1998, he achieved a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering at Turin Polytechnic.

In 1999, he joined Hewlett-Packard Italiana where he spent 12 years in various customer-focused roles. In 2011, he left the company and the computer world behind him so that he could devote himself completely to the world of sled dogs.

In 1995, following his passion for Siberian Huskies, Luca took his first steps towards discovering this magical world. In 1997, he met Dodo Perri who became his mentor. In 2007, after years of training in various sled dog facilities, he returned to Sestriere where he founded the Centro Sleddog Sestriere. His friend Luca Ostini also became involved in the first year. From 2008 to 2012, together with Luca, great professionalism could be found at the Centro Sleddog Sestriere: the same great professionalism that Massimo Aymo would bring to the team on his return in 2017.

In 2017, ten years after Sestriere, the Centro Sleddog Cervinia was also established, Luca’s second creation, and the start of a major turning point for the future.

Today, thanks to his single mindedness and determination, his knowledge of the sled dog world and his continuous search for improvement, Luca guides the reins of the Centres in Sestriere and Cervinia with tremendous passion.


Booking & social manager

She obtained a linguistic business school diploma in 2014 at the Istituto Maria Immacolata in Pinerolo (TO), and her first professional adventure began that same summer at the Club Med village in Pragelato (TO), where she was responsible for booking and managing excursions for guests staying at the village.

Luca was immediately struck by the speed with which she carried out her tasks, her precision, the ability to manage heavy workloads and her strong linguistic skills, in particular her command of French and English.

In the autumn of 2015, Luca invited her to join the team, putting her in charge of customer phone contact. Given the excellent results achieved, the following winter she was asked to take over customer e-mail contact and to manage the social networks.

Thanks to Giorgia’s professional and attentive approach to customer management, we can now answer the phone in three different languages, and guarantee a same day response to customer emails. At the same time, the number of fans on our Facebook and Instagram pages has grown up to 5.000 and more.

Since winter 2017, Giorgia has been working alongside Nucleo Web, an important partner when it comes to creating and updating our site, our booking system and our social platforms.


Cervinia's manager

My name is Sami and I’m a musher by trade (the driver of a dogsled, for those who did not know ...). My adventure started by pure chance, at Sestriere Sleddog Centre, where I had gone to try my hand at sled dogging, as a customer. Right from that moment, I realised I had to be part of this magical world. Since then, seven years have gone by and, thanks to Luca Chiarelli and everything he’s taught me, I’ve been able to enjoy the privilege of working together with such magnificent companions, the Huskies, the real star attraction of this sport!

Come and find me at our Sleddog Centre in Cervinia, I’ll be waiting for you there, ready to share my passion and to introduce you to my furry friends!


Musher Instructor

In 2016 I graduated as a Developer at the Denina Institute of Saluzzo.

Since I was a child, I have always had a passion for animals, especially dogs, and horses above all. I always spent free time with my animals: the school in the morning and in the afternoon I ran in the riding of my horse with my dogs.

As soon as I graduated, I followed a summer riding school in Fenestrelle.

This allowed me, through people from the town, to meet Luca, the owner.

With great pleasure I joined the team in January 2017.

I worked in the center of Sestriere for two winters and a summer. This allowed me to cultivate my passion and learn many things about the world of Sleddog.

After a break of a year, I will return to the center in this 2019-20 winter season.


Musher Instructor

Hi, I'm Isabella (or Beba as everyone calls me), the "senior" of the team.

Graduated in Sports Science, always in the world of sport and the mountain.

After a twenty-year collaboration with the Alpine Rescue and avalanche research dogs, I changed the field of cynophilia, this more playful but certainly not less demanding.

Thanks to the precious teachings of our master Luca, for a couple of years I have been committed to working with a magnificent team composed of two and four-legged individuals.

I would like to transmit the passion and respect for dogs to all those who, in winter and summer, will approach this magnificent experience.


Musher Instructor

Hi, I'm Simon, I was born in 1988 and I've always lived in the Olympic mountains of Turin 2006. I've known Luca for many years, and I've always been intrigued by the world of sled dogs.

In 2018 I had the opportunity to join the team and I was able to deepen my passion for these magnificent dogs.


Booking assistant

Ciao, sono Valentina e sono nata e cresciuta a Sestriere. Nel 1996 ho conseguito il diploma di Operatore Turistico presso l'Istituto Professionale per il Turismo e il Commercio "P. Boselli" di Oulx.

Nella vita ho fatto svariati lavori, anche lontano dalle nostre montagne, per poi dedicare anche un po' di tempo al mio ruolo di mamma di 3 figli.

Ho conosciuto Luca diversi anni fa e avevo provato lo Sleddog presso il suo centro come cliente: qui ho scoperto questo modo nuovo ed alternativo di viveve la montagna e la neve!!

Nel 2018 Luca mi ha offerto l'opportunità di entrare a far parte del suo Team e, anche se il mio ruolo non mi porta ad essere a stretto contatto tutti i giorni con i nostri amati huskies, ho dovuto ascoltare attentamente tutti i suoi insegnamenti perché ogni giorno devo spiegare per telefono o via mail a tutti i clienti le caratteristiche di questo sport e delle nostre escursioni.


Accoglienza e aiuto musher

Ciao, mi chiamo Anthea, sono nata nel 1996 in provincia di Piacenza, mi sono poi nel 2008 trasferita a Oulx per la passione della neve, delle montagne e degli animali che ho fin da piccola.

Sono diventata Educatrice Cinofila CSEN di Terzo Livello nel Marzo 2018 facendo della mia passione per i cani un lavoro e poi Istruttrice di Rally-Obedience nel Settembre 2019.

Nel frattempo studio all'Università di Pisa per conseguire la Laurea in "Tecniche di Allevamento Animale ed Educazione Cinofila".

Ho conosciuto Luca a Gennaio 2019 e mi ha proposto un tirocinio per imparare il lavoro del musher e sono entrata nello staff quel mese stesso. Ho da subito iniziato ad amare questo lavoro e questa razza fantastica e meravigliosa che sono gli Husky e sotto la guida di Luca ogni giorno si impara sempre qualcosa di nuovo.


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Terms and conditions

Useful informations

In order for the tour to take place in the best possible way, please read the following information:

Being a physical activity, as you are going to lead the team of sled dogs that you will be assigned by the instructors, you must enjoy good health and not have disabling physical handicaps. No particular aptitude is required and there are no age limits. It is not a suitable activity for people with severe heart disease.

We recommend a suitable mountain clothing, more specifically we suggest wearing gloves, sunglasses and winter clothing. You will not be able to make the excursion and you will not be refunded if you are wearing ski boots, so we recommend footwear suitable for snow sports activities (after skiing, hiking shoes, mountain boots).

We remind you that you are hiking on a high altitude trail and you will be in close contact with animals, so for the sake of the proper running of the activity it is essential that you present yourself in a suitable mental state, specifically not under The effect of alcoholic and / or narcotic substances: it will be our staff's care to check for any irregularities and, in situations unfit, refuse to accompany you on excursion without any right to any refund, this to ensure and safeguard the health of our animals.

Pregnant women will not be able to participate in the tour.

It is parents' care to reassure their children who, due to the barking of the dogs during the departure phase, could be frightened and oppose the departure. In case of cancellation for the aforementioned reason by the child or by all the participants in the same reservation, no refund will be provided.

Cancellation policy

If a service is cancelled less than three days (72 hours) before the scheduled departure time, 100% of the price must be paid. If a service is cancelled more than three days (72 hours) before the scheduled departure time, the price will be totally refunded except for the following:

1) Tickets and reservations that have already been made for the client will not be refunded

2) Bank charges related to the payment of the service will not be refunded.

It is your responsibility to call the service supplier at the provided phone number or, if they are not available, the office, to inform of your delay. Whenever possible we will do our best to reschedule your meeting time at no extra cost, however it may happen that a reschedule is not possible or that it incurs an additional cost. If a call is not made prior to reservation time, and/or you are not able to be present for your meeting time, the service will be considered a no-show. No-show clients cannot re-schedule the service and must re-book the service at the full price.

Gift Vouchers

In the presence of one of the following gift vouchers (Gifts24,, Direct gift vouchers) it is necessary to book in advance via email; the staff reserves the right not to accept vouchers for which no advance booking has been made.

The gift vouchers purchased on our site for Sestriere or Cervinia can be used in the winter seasons 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 and are valid exclusively for the location chosen when purchasing the voucher. By "winter season" we mean approximately the period from December to April - the start and end dates of the season may vary depending on the presence of a snow cover that allows the activities to take place.

The gift vouchers purchased for Pragelato can only be used in the current summer season or, if it has not yet started at the time of purchase, in the following one. By "summer season" we mean the period from May to October - the start and end dates of the season may vary depending on the weather conditions.

Unaccompanied minors

Unaccompanied minors can participate in excursions from the age of 7 and / or 30kg in weight (they must independently drive a sled), however the presence of an adult or older brother is recommended as part of the same excursion as the minor.

Children under 7 years of age (30 kg in weight) can participate in excursions transported in the instructor's sled by the instructor himself; the presence of an adult in the same escursion is mandatory.

Our briefing

To be able to make the sleigh ride you will follow an informative briefing where the instructors will give all the practical and safety notions to guarantee all participants a pleasant excursion. If you do not feel able to take part in the excursion it is necessary to inform the instructors before departure; once inserted in the group and assigned a group of dogs it is no longer possible to abandon the excursion.

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